Living in Silence

Living in Silence was a residency I took part in 2019 with Wolverhampton University and the NHS. his residency was based upon interviews conducted by the University of Wolverhampton psychology department on Asian women who suffer from ulcerative colitis and the discriminations they face because of this within their culture. In response I created intricate pen studies of microscopic images from inside a colon based upon H&E scans of sufferers of ulcerative colitis. These were then digitally printed and made into traditional saris, as if they were to be worn everyday by the Asian women interviewed. Through depicting the disease printed on a garment worn to flaunt the human form, I hoped to juxtapose the idea that the disease should be hidden and the ulcers that cause so much pain as well as their symptoms, should not be a source of embarrassment. The 3 saris in the series show the different stages of the disease from remission to severe Ulcerative Colitis.

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